The PORK 1984 is a collection of 7777 unique Pork NFTs that live on the ETH blockchain in a society where the government prohibits self-expression. Every PORK has unique traits, names, and titles. There are even some with hidden traits such as preferences, bad habits, and hours worked at the Factory.


Fahrenheit 0.0451 ETH


Get your FREE NFT

Note: 600 Porks are being withheld from the sale.
These are used for giveaways and collaborative promotions.


Pork 1984 is a NFT Story Divided in 3 Chapters.
Our plot is based on a Novel “1984” by George Orwell. Thematically, Nineteen Eighty-Four centers on the consequences of totalitarianism, mass surveillance, and repressive regimentation of persons and behaviors within society.

Governments have started taking away more and more of our rights and freedoms. While factories are the only economic opportunity left for our Pork 1984 friends, they are still looking to break out of their boring lives. Many wear the same boring clothes just barely aware of what happiness is while only the highest members of society can afford the best in life.

The time is now, so join the Revolution as we rise up and Oink for freedom!

What unites all the collectors — they are all people of freedom.


When you buy the Genesis Pork 1984 NFT you own the IP (Intellectual Property) and all commercial rights as long as you retain ownership so feel free to get as creative as possible and utilize this opportunity.

7777 Unique Pork 1984 tokens

Fair Launch, fair distribution: All Porks 1984 cost Fahrenheit 0.0451

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT

Gain additional benefits through roadmap activations


We’re creating a community wallet which will be used to maximize the growth of our community while also rewarding our early adopters. We will use these community funds for future integrations as well as giveaways and much more.


When 25% of the Pork 1984 sell out, we will integrate with RarityTools to let you see how rare your NFT is and compare all of the traits.


We will set up the liquidity pool on the http://NFT20.io platform.


When 50% of the Pork 1984 sell out, randomly selected Pork 1984 owners will win a NiftySlab Card. This is a unique 1 of 1 opportunity to display your Pork 1984 NFT in the real world. Each Pork 1984 owner will also receive access to order a NiftySlabs card at a discounted price for your Pork 1984 NFTs.

Vaccination is starting.


When 100% of the Pork 1984 sell out, randomly selected holders of Pork1984 NFTs will win a framed print of their Pork1984 pig.

We have also secured a plot of land in the Sandbox which will be used to create a Pigsty for us all to hang out in and have some major fun.

We are also working on creating a merchandise line symbolizing freedom of choice and freedom of speech so make sure to look forward to that.


A small group of lucky ones manage to break free of the Evil Pig’s cordon. Being free now they meet members of the resistance, the same former prisoners of farm factories scattered throughout the country, determined to end the brutal dictatorship.

Together they prepare for the final Battle for Freedom of Colors, and Freedom of OINK!

This is just the beginning of the journey because after we sell out, Chapter 2 will begin and will activate the launch of our companion characters which will be free to claim, you’ll just have to pay the gas.
Once Chapter 2 has launched we will then be working towards creating a DAO which will give our amazing community the opportunity to help us create a project that truly appreciates freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

Every NFT owner of Pork 1984 from the first chapter will be able to unlock and claim a randomly generated NFT from the second and third chapters for free (+gas).

Think of it as the Golden Key that can unlock all of the possibilities.


Here are some helpful tools for the Pork 1984 community.
Please note that these are unofficial so every assignment of a Pork's overall value or rarity is inherently subjective.

You can stake your PORK1984 NFT and earn PORK tokens. These tokens will be helpful in the future when the Chapter III is released. Also PORK tokens can be traded for ETH using a liquidity pool


Co-Founder / Visualizer
Dangerous trait: NFT Noob & Sushi Lover. Paranoic.

Co-Founder / Animator & Illustrator
Dangerous trait: Doesn't Sleep. Ever. Loves only his own works.

Co-Founder / Software Artificerer
Dangerous trait: Doesn't like art. Loves Numbers. Expensive.


Fahrenheit 0.0451 ETH + gas (no bonding curve or FOMO pricing). Yes this is cheap. Just as our voice.

PORK 1984 will be available for purchase on our website PORK1984.io through an initial sale. At the time of purchase, a randomly selected Free Pork will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet and OpenSea account.

All the Porks are brainwashed and they are grey or their traits are grey. Some are colorful though, which means more rare. Once you hit the “Give Freedom” button you claim a random NFT token. It can be black and white totally, some traits can be colorful or they can be totally colorful. Depends on your luck. Trade it to free more Porks.

We are going to extend our project and give it a long live by adding partners/companions and helpers. They have formed a resistance movement, living in colonies as rebels and will help every PORK that achieved to become free.

Once we all can give freedom to all the Brainwashed PORKs, you’ll become eligible to claim an NFT with our partners. That’s said 1 PORK NFT = 1 Partner NFT.

Verified Smart Contract Address: 0X14A2DFF3B2FB4DFFA35B2006E84BF1CBB0AC4BBA